EUnetHTA 21 Secretariat is pleased to announced that the first EUnetHTA 21 Stakeholder Kick-Off Meeting is scheduled, online, for 03.12.2021 at 10:30-12:00 CET.  Please register at this link.

The meeting will entail a high-level focus and will address the following points: 

  • Introduction of the ‘new’ EUnetHTA 21 as a consortium; 
  • Our governance principles; 
  • Planned Stakeholder interaction (public consultations); 
  • Presentation of the deliverables planned over the course of the next two years. 

Please note, the meeting will only take place online. We will provide both the meeting agenda and the online registration link in due course.  

For information on how to join the new EUnetHTA 21 Stakeholder Repository, please follow this link

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat Team at