JA3 Archive (2016-2021)

JA3 Archive (2016-2021)

General Objectives


Joint Action 3 aims to define and implement a sustainable model for the scientific and technical cooperation on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Europe. The voluntary cooperation within and between national and regional HTA Bodies is essential in this Joint Action.


This Joint Action will increase the use, quality and efficiency of joint HTA work at the European level. EUnetHTA will support evidence-based, sustainable, and equitable choices in healthcare and health technologies and support re-use in regional and national HTA reports and activities.
To develop a voluntary, sustainable European Collaboration on HTA, the model focusses on supporting Members States in receiving HTA-relevant information that is objective, reliable, timely, and comparable.

The collaborative production of structured HTA core information, including rapid HTAs, will be decentralised. Methodologies and production-related information and communication technology infrastructure will be finalised as a stand alone support network from 2020 onwards.

The EUnetHTA JA3 will build on the lessons, success, and products of the earlier EUnetHTA Joint Actions. The EUnetHTA collaboration has grown to 81 organisations from 29 countries, forming a network of strong partners across Europe working together for better access to health technologies for European citizens.

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