JA1 Technical Report – WP6: Appendices 2-8

JA1 Technical Report – WP6: Appendices 2-8

This document consists of Appendices 2-8  for WP6 under the JA1 Final Technical Report:
2. WP6_Communication_ 2010 HTAi Conference Standards
3. WP6_Communication_ 2010 HTAi Conference workshop
4. WP6_Communication_ 2011 EUnetHTA Conference
5. WP6_Communication_ 2012 HTAi Conference POP database dev
6. WP6_Communication_ 2012 HTAi Conference workshop
7. WP6_Communication_ 2012 HTAi Conference_nominated
8. WP6_Communication_ 2012 INAHTA annual meeting

NOTE: For the full Technical Report, please follow this link

WP6 Appendices 2-8

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