Future Model of Cooperation (FMC) – White Paper

Future Model of Cooperation (FMC) – White Paper

EUnetHTA has become synonymous with HTA in Europe, a trademark, in fact, that stands for a community of professionals dedicated to continuously improve the standards and quality of their own work, to ultimately achieve ever better results for patients. 

This dedication of more than 15 years has lead to the creation of a European legal and financial framework. Joint Action 3 was the proof of concept stage, finally paving the way towards a more harmonised European framework encompassing more than 80 HTA bodies. The contributions of countless HTA experts across Europe have created a voluntary framework for collaboration and trust amongst all relevant actors, an achievement nurtured and carried by their conviction and dedication. 

EUnetHTA, representing a network of experts, had one final duty, which was to ensure that the most important lessons learned would be provided in an appropriate format to the next phase of HTA collaboration in the EU. For this very purpose, the HTA White Paper was created, a process that took three years, with input from all EUnetHTA members together with a wide variety of stakeholders. Invaluable input was provided by those active in the work of EUnetHTA and our thanks go to all those who contributed to this collaborative effort! 

This white paper is an excellent demonstration of joint work as it carries the contributions and approval of EUnetHTA members, and is thus emblematic of successful European collaboration in action.

Access the following link:

White Paper – EUnetHTA JA3 WP1: A Future Model of Cooperation

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