EUnetHTA Companion Guide

EUnetHTA Companion Guide

The EUnetHTA Companion Guide is EUnetHTA’s comprehensive repository that aims to provide ultimate support and guidance to assessment teams (assessors, co-assessors, dedicated reviewers, information specialists and statistical experts) in the development of joint assessments.

The tool comprises all components of the EUnetHTA Quality Management (QM) System:

  • Process flows
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Templates
  • Scientific guidance and tools
  • QM-related training

EUnetHTA does not foresee an organisational structure in the form of a QM-department or similar. However, the EUnetHTA Companion Guide, as a combination of both the QM System and the scientific guidance and tools, can reliably serve as such.

EUnetHTA partners can access the EUnetHTA Companion Guide using their login credentials (link).

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