D4.6 Validity of Clinical Studies


This EUnetHTA 21 deliverable (D4.6) focusses on the methodological guidance regarding the validity of clinical studies. The objective of this deliverable is to consensually develop a practical guideline on how to consider, classify and label various types of evidence in the assessment reports, including real world data and data from basket trials, to support authors of JCA/CA in understanding, selecting, and critically appraising clinical evidence.

This will also address the general principles which determine the certainty of results (e.g. internal validity, external validity, and statistical precision). The other objective is to check the existing EUnetHTA guidelines/SOPs for consistency with the practical guideline and consider updates.

For any questions regarding this deliverable, please contact JCA_Secretariat@zinl.nl

Below you can find the published documentation:

D4.6 Validity of clinical studies  – Project Plan

Final Deliverable D4.6

Comment Form Public Consultation

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