Committee for Scientific Consistency & Quality (CSCQ)


What is the role of the CSCQ?

The EUnetHTA 21 Committee for Scientific Consistency and Quality (CSCQ) is in charge of the process that ensures the scientific consistency and quality of activities and deliverables covered by the EUnetHTA 21 service contract. This process starts with the development of a project plan for each deliverable and finishes with the validation of its final version.

The CSCQ reviews all deliverables and validates the final version prior to the Consortium Executive Board (CEB) endorsement. The CSCQ review considers the following aspects:

  1. Completeness of the document
  2. Structure and readability of the document
  3. Consistency:
  4. Formal Consistency (e.g., the CSCQ members must ensure whether defined terms are used consistently and no contradictory statements are made in the  document).
  5. Consistency with Quality Management System (QMS) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  6. Acceptability and practicability to all HTA agencies with a view to the future HTA regulation 
  7. Quality and validity of the scientific work


Who represents the CSCQ?

The CSCQ is composed of representatives of all member organisations of the EUnetHTA 21 consortium and can convene in three different configurations, depending on the topics to be discussed:

  1. CSCQ JCA, responsible for the validation of JCA deliverables, i.e., methodological guidelines, procedural guidelines for JCA, templates, and JCA reports.
  2. CSCQ JSC, responsible for the validation of JSC deliverables, i.e., procedural guidelines, templates, and JSC reports.
  3. CSCQ Transversal, responsible for the validation of transversal deliverables related to communication, interaction with stakeholders, application of GDPR, confidentiality, and conflict of interest.


Who chairs the different configurations? 


Chair: HAS (France) 

Vice-Chair: NCPE (Ireland), IQWIG (Germany), AIHTA (Austria)


Chair: G-BA (Germany)

Vice-Chair: NOMA (Norway), INFARMED (Portugal), AEMPS (Spain)

Each configuration of the Committee meets on a monthly basis. 

Please do not hesitate to contact in case of any questions.

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