Updated EVIDENT database

The Evidence database on new technologies (EVIDENT Database) stores information on assessment, coverage and recommendations/requests for additional studies arising from HTA reports for promising technologies in Europe. Access is currently restricted to EUnetHTA Partners and Associates. The database was developed by HAS during Joint Action 1. Two upgraded database versions have been released during JA2 […]

Training Strategy

The objectives of EUnetHTA Joint Action 2, Work Package 2 (WP2) was to “increase awareness and understanding of the usefulness of the EUnetHTA tools, methods and results among EUnetHTA partners and stakeholders”. In order to fulfil this objective, WP2 has organized various training activities during JA2 (i.e. face-to-face training courses, e-learning and webinars). Based on […]

Training material on the HTA Core Model

HTA Core Model training materials New to the HTA Core Model? Uncertain about whether and how to use the Model or and the HTA Core Model Online? Now all training materials on the HTA Core Model have been compiled into a 2-page overview that helps you becoming acquainted with the Model and its use! Overview […]

Submission template for Pharmaceuticals and Submission template for Medical Devices

The EUnetHTA evidence submission template was developed from an analysis of evidence requirements for reimbursement in Europe. It is a tool that agencies can use to request evidence from companies to support their HTA and reimbursement processes. The tool covers relative effectiveness assessment including a description of the health condition and health technology, as well […]

Report on e-learning production

In order to provide the necessary information about the EUnetHTA tools and methods to more partners at a reduced cost compared to the face-to-face training courses, the production of video e-learning material was considered. This report summarises our experience and provides recommendations for the future production of EUnetHTA e-learning material. Report on e-learning production – […]

Report on Information Management Infrastructure and Services

Since its inception in 2006, EUnetHTA has developed several IT tools. Work Package 6 of Joint Action 2, “Information Management Infrastructure and Services”, provided the Website, the Intranet and the Planned and Ongoing Projects database (POP DB) and the associated services (support, training, management). WP6 also acted as a forum for developers the other tools […]

Report on yearly training courses on EUnetHTA tools and methodology

Since 2006, EUnetHTA has developed several tools and methods to facilitate joint production of HTAs. To implement and make sure the tools and methods are put into practice, Partners and Stakeholders received training in order to know how to utilise them. This report summarises the evaluations of the face-to-face training courses provided by JA2 WP2. […]

Procedure Manual Strand B: Rapid Assessments of other health technologies such as medical devices, surgical interventions or diagnostics

This document is the Procedure Manual for Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessments of other health technologies such as medical devices, surgical interventions or diagnostics, produced by EUnetHTA JA2 WP5 Strand B. This Manual guides the production of rapid assessments of other health technologies, including process descriptions, suggested project timelines, working instructions for authors, a detailed description […]

Methodological Standards and Procedures for full/comprehensive Core HTA’s

The aim of this document is to guide the production of full Core HTA information based on collaboration of different European organizations using the EUnetHTA available tools. The content of the guidance is primarily practical, relying on the experience gained during JA1 and JA2. The document is updated accordingly with ongoing experience and changes in […]

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